From the President

Pg 3 Mary NeeI joined the Animal Rescue League of Boston in December 2012 because I was drawn to its mission to rescue and protect domestic animals and wildlife.

As a life-long dog owner, this work was compelling to me.

As someone who has focused my career on leading mission-driven organizations, I saw this as an opportunity to share my nonprofit experience and in return, to be enriched by the knowledge and passion of League staff, volunteers and supporters like you who are so committed to the welfare of animals.

I quickly learned that the Animal Rescue League of Boston is rooted in a broader set of beliefs beyond animal care. It was established on and continues to be inspired by a vision of a humane, caring community for both animals and people.

This “reason for being” dates back to our founding in 1899 when Anna Harris Smith wrote that while getting dogs and cats off the street is work worth doing, the teaching of thoughtful kindness is the work that changes families, communities and a nation.

It is a big vision, but one that seems as relevant today as it was 114 years ago.

These are exciting times for the Animal Rescue League of Boston and for the broader animal welfare community.

All across the country discussions are happening regarding how organizations like ours can engage in deeper community outreach; helping underserved communities and meeting the needs of animals.

As we develop our strategic plans for the future, the mission of a more humane community will be in the forefront in these deliberations.

I feel privileged to have joined the League at such a pivotal moment in its history and I look forward to engaging you in and updating you on our progress in the months and years to come.


Mary Nee