THANK YOU for Helping Protect Animals from Harm!

A big THANK YOU to all of our donors for supporting ARL’s Animal Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive

Thanks to your generosity, animals in need suffering from cruelty, abandonment, and neglect will get the assistance they need to recover!

cruelty prevention fund drive

Suspect animal cruelty? Learn what you can do at

The fund drive ended on Saturday, October 31 with more than $25,000 in donations!  Your support will go immediately to help protect animals from harm through the work of the ARL’s law enforcement team.

As one of only two animal welfare agencies in the state with special Massachusetts state police officers on staff, the ARL is a go-to resource for concerned citizens, local police departments, animals control officers, state agencies working diligently to protect animals in their communities.  The ARL’s two officers are highly trained and experienced with investigating animal-related crimes and working with owners to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

The cases they work on are becoming increasingly frequent and more complex, making your kindness and generosity during the Cruelty Prevention fund drive is especially meaningful, not just to everyone at the ARL,but also to the police, animal control officers, city shelters, and other municipalities in Massachusetts that the team assists every day.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to our anonymous challenge donor for kicking off the fund drive with a generous donation, the anonymous donor of the Celtics Tickets, The Seaport Hotel, The Onyx Hotel, Ayushi, WBZ, and everyone who made a donation to support animals in need during the ARL’s Cruelty Prevention Fund Drive!